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Toddler Lead  (1 year olds)

Originally from Florida, Aaron has spent most of their upbringing in beautiful Montana. While in school, Aaron participated frequently at Grandstreet Theatre, along with involving themselves in a non-profit organization to help combat suicide stigma and expand mental health awareness for the local school district. After graduating high school, they participated in an exchange to Taiwan for nearly a year, having the incredible opportunity to receive certification to speak, read, and write Mandarin Chinese. Upon their return, they spent five years in the Pacific Northwest before returning home to Helena to teach. They’re passionate about education, sciences, the arts, communication, laughter, and anything that allows humanity to grow as a whole. They look forward to watching their students grow and blossom into the beautiful beings their unlimited potential allows. creative opportunities at Bloom Montessori.




I’m Chloe & I’m super excited to become a new lead with Bloom.  I have 8 years of experience in childcare with all different teaching styles and ages.  I love early childhood education & watching the kids grow and learn new things everyday.  I recently moved from Whitefish with my partner & our two dogs.  In my spare time you can catch me kayaking down the Missouri, camping, concert going (pre pandemic ) or traveling.  I speak Portuguese and some Spanish.



Toddler Spanish Assistant

Adonis Zamora was born in Havana Cuba.  While in Cuba, he was selected to study at the Presidente Allende Teacher Training School, after which he studied at the Havana University English Language Program.  He graduated in 1996 as an English Teacher.  His first job was in a primary school, Renato Guilart, and he then progressed into working with successively older ages as the need presented itself, and he has worked with students all the way through college age.  He was invited to participate in the international "Pedagogy 2001" teacher symposium, where he was able to collaborate with teachers from around the world to discuss and share ideas about different pedagogies and methods of teaching.  Adonis moved to Helena in 2014 with his wife and daughters, and has been  working with Bloom Montessori since the spring of 2018.

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Toddler Assistant

Domtila Rives was born and raised in Columbia, where she studied Language Education in University.  She has been living in Helena for about 15 years with her husband and son.  Domi has been working in the early childhood education field for about 15 years as well, and enjoys helping children learn Spanish so much that she began tutoring children in her afternoons.  Domi has been working with Bloom since fall of 2018 at the beginning of our infant program.  She enjoys singing, reading and playing with the children in the Toddler classroom, and offering a Spanish Language partial immersion environment for the children in her care.

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Toddler Assistant

Nancy came to Helena from Huanta, Peru.  She is the mother of two beautiful children, and has 15 years of experience raising her children and her nephew all by herself.  Her husband has lived in Helena since 2004, and she had the opportunity to come to Helena to reunite with him in March of 2019. Nancy started working with Bloom in April of 2019, and is happy to have me such beautiful, wonderful teachers, parents and children through her work at Bloom, and it is this social interaction that makes her work with Bloom positive and exciting!

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Toddler Spanish Assistant

Bio coming soon

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