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Infant Lead Guide

Maricel was born and raised in Salliqueló, a small town in the Pampean plain, Buenos Aires province, Argentina; where you can see the beautiful horizon line, cows and wheat fields.  Her work experience ranges from hospitality services at restaurants, five star hotels, traveling photographer for schools, teacher, farm volunteering, painting, up to managing the production area of a clothing company.


Helena was the first place she lived in the USA, and she recognizes it as a second home. She learned English at age 34.  In her free time, Maricel enjoys mountain biking, running on the hills and skiing, and she prides herself in learning what she wants at any time in her life.  She is a creative and communicative person, who likes getting to know about different people and cultures, generating good atmospheres naturally, learning new things, connecting with nature and animals, tasting recipes, among many other things. She has trained as a yoga instructor in search of personal growth and cultivates interests that lead her to practice mindfulness and meditation, also exploring currently other yoga branches to keep feeding her inner world. 

She discovered being very welcomed in Montana and she is happy about adding value to these communities here that are eager to relate with the diversity."



Infant Assistant

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Infant Assistant

Bio Coming Soon!



Infant Assistant

Nancy came to Helena from Huanta, Peru.  She is the mother of two beautiful children, and has 15 years of experience raising her children and her nephew all by herself.  Her husband has lived in Helena since 2004, and she had the opportunity to come to Helena to reunite with him in March of 2019. Nancy started working with Bloom in April of 2019, and is happy to have met such beautiful, wonderful teachers, parents and children through her work at Bloom, and it is this social interaction that makes her work with Bloom positive and exciting!

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